Jill Staton Bullard, co-founder of the Inter-Faith Food Shuttle Inducted into the 2016 Raleigh Hall of Fame

There she is! Our co-founder Jill Staton Bullard, in her environmentally green jacket, at her 2016 Raleigh Hall of Fame induction this month!  Chef Terri Hutter, along with Jill's Food Shuttle and birth families, celebrated the lifetime achievement of this remarkable woman.  In the words of the nominating committee: “…Through her never-ending desire to erase hunger in our community, hard work and collaboration with others, IFFS is a leader and example for others across the country in addressing food.”  Jill officially retired from IFFS in July but remains active in environmental and food system work, particularly in Haiti.  Watch the video here and prepare to be impressed! We love you, Jill!