Food Shuttle Family in Action

Shaun is a graduate of our Culinary Job Training Program, as is his mother Kitty. Below is his story in his own words on how the Food Shuttle has touched the lives of two generations. 


 Inter-faith Food Shuttle. June 2017 (photo by Sara D. Davis)

There is no telling where I would be now without the Food Shuttle. Before I got into the program three years ago, I was in kind of a grey area. I wanted a transition in my life, but I was unsure of which way I wanted to go.

Nineteen years ago my mama went through the Culinary Job Training Program. She started as a student, and now she is one of the chefs, and she helps teach the classes. Seeing how the program helped my mom, I had no choice but to grab the opportunity in order to help my family. Like my mama did with us.

I initially thought I knew how to cook, and then it was kind of a culture shock because I didn’t really know anything! I learned the five basic mother sauces, I learned knife skills, I learned my way around a kitchen, the correct terminologies, and things of that nature. Now I work at the Daily Planet Café at the museum downtown, and I have been there over a year.

Chef Terri, she has a whole lot of knowledge. I learned from the other students in my class as well. It’s a blessing. People sharing knowledge that other people have shared with them—a continuous cycle. You learn from anyone and everyone, and you take it and you make it your own, and you continue to expand your knowledge.

If you are able prepare a meal inside your home, you are spending quality time with your family. You are eating healthier, because the things are not processed. Just the act of having a meal can accomplish so many positive things.

The Food Shuttle is like my family. Without them, there’s no telling where we’d be. I wouldn’t be able to provide for my family the way I am right now. I wouldn’t know the things that I know, or be able to share that knowledge with other people. Even before I had finished class I was allowed the opportunity to get my foot in the door of a job.

Inter-Faith is love. I’ve never met a stranger here; everybody greets you with a smile. I call Chef Terri grandma. Inter-Faith is a family.

Kitty, Shaun and Chef Terri together in the Food Shuttle kitchen

Kitty, Shaun and Chef Terri together in the Food Shuttle kitchen