Our Volunteers: Best in the World!

How can we even begin to say “thank you” to the people who do so much? Every single day our volunteers are out there fighting for our most vulnerable neighbors. They come one at a time, as families, as congregations, and as corporate groups. They lift and load, build and dig, drive and pack. They teach, and advocate, and create. We would not be here without this army of capable hands and generous hearts!

“I just love working with our volunteer corps,” says Abbey Riesett, Volunteer Manager. “So many interesting and passionate people from so many walks of life. Making a connection with all of them, founded on serving our clientele, is inspiring to me!”


Last year alone, over seven thousand people logged volunteer hours in service to our programs and clients. Every aspect of our work is driven forward with the help of these dedicated individuals. Each April during National Volunteer Week, we are grateful to take time to recognize the amazing power of our volunteer force. This year, we tried to really do it up right, with activities throughout the week, including Open Houses at all of the Ag locations, breakfast & lunch provided by Catering With a Cause, and a host of volunteer awards!

The best testimonials come from our volunteers themselves:

“IFFS, a great opportunity to learn & to give!”—Gail

“This is a wonderful place to be!”—Pat

“For me, it’s 27 years and counting …”—Emilie

“I always feel so appreciated.”—Sarah

Interested in becoming a volunteer? Look over our opportunities and schedule here.