YFTP Apprentices and PAR "Dig In!"

Kicking off the 2012 Spring Workshops for IFFS Nutrition, Farms, and Gardens,  on Saturday, March 10th, we took part in Wake Advocates for Health in Action (AHA)  “Dig In!” event for school, community, and backyard gardeners at Marbles Kids Museum.  There were two tracks for participants - one for those interested in starting a garden and one for those who already maintain a garden interested in taking it to the next level. The IFFS Young Farmer Training Apprentices (YFTP) also led their own workshop! The apprentices talked to the group about farming, gardening, and making your garden the right fit for you, whether you’re young and spry or not, what your interests are, and what will most engage you in the garden. They also asked participants to consider what they want out of their gardens both specifically and generally, what they're willing to put into it, and what the land they're working with can do. They talked about garden layout and organization and also shared some of their favorite plants!


The Inter-Faith Food Shuttle Plant-a-Row for the Hungry program was there with an educational booth to tell folks all about how to become a member and donate their homegrown produce to their neighbors in need.