The Food Shuttle teaches sustainable food production and nutritious meal preparation, promotes the establishment of gardens to increase healthy food access and develops sustainable community food system models.


Growing School Gardens

 Inter-Faith Food Shuttle's Camden Street Learning Garden's Garden Get Down on June 23, 2018. (Photo by Sara D. Davis for IFFS)

The Food Shuttle builds school gardens and grows healthy communities to improve health and food access for children and their parents. Through our partnership with FoodCorps, we work together with schools to implement garden-based nutrition education in K-5 classrooms. Our school partners can also participate in the FoodCorps Sprout Scouts after school program, wherein students learn how to grow, sustain and create healthy snacks with produce from their school gardens.

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Elementary School Partners:

Wake - Bugg | Hunter | Swift Creek | Walnut Creek | Poe | Millbrook

Durham - Eastway | R.N. Harris | Bethesda | Holt | Spring Valley

Growing Garden Classrooms

 Inter-faith Food Shuttle Camden Learning Garden with Hunter Elementary School and WRAL. June 2017 (photo by Sara D. Davis)

Growing Garden Classrooms is a series of workshops for educators on how to incorporate garden-based lesson units into the standard course of study, and grow a more sustainable school garden program.

These workshops are free and open to all educators, and all participants receive a resource binder complete with lesson plans, garden diagrams, and seeds!

Upcoming Classes:

  • Geer Street Learning Garden (Durham) - Sept. 18

  • Bethesda Elementary School - October 5

  • Camden Street Learning Garden (Raleigh) - Oct. 26

  • MECME School - October 31

  • Geer Street Learning Garden (Durham) - Nov. 12

  • Geer Street Learning Garden (Durham) - May 6

*Workshops listed at schools are limited to that school’s staff. Workshops listed at Camden and Geer Street Learning Gardens are open to any educator.

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sprout scouts

 Inter-faith Food Shuttle Camden Learning Garden with Hunter Elementary School and WRAL. June 2017 (photo by Sara D. Davis)

Sprouts Scouts is a skills-based program developed by FoodCorps and Life Lab that teaches students about cooking, gardening and nutrition education in a hands-on, fun and engaging way. Similar to Boy and Girl Scouts, Sprout Scouts is built on a series of adventures that develop new and complementary skills. The activities in each adventure link Common Core and other academic standards to food and health in fun and engaging ways.

seed to supper

 Marjorie gardens her vegetable bed in the Inter-Faith Food Shuttle's Camden Street Learning Garden in Raleigh, N.C., on Thursday, June 9, 2016. (Photo by Sara D. Davis)

Seed to Supper is a six-week beginners gardening course, teaching individuals how to grow their own fruits and vegetables, build backyard gardens, and sustain their harvest. More than eighty individuals have graduated from Seed-to-Supper since it began in 2015 and many go on to be permanent community gardeners at the Camden Street Learning Garden.

Upcoming Classes:

  • Camden Street Learning Garden & Washington Terrace, September 4 thru October 9

    For information, contact Jacob Rutz, or Detrick Clark,


Find out more about how our Sprout Scouts (formally Junior Master Gardeners) is making a difference in the lives of kids at Hunter Elementary. Originally produced by WRAL for 2017 #BackPackBuddies Mediathon.


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